What is the Creator Directory?

The Creator Directory is a place where content creators can showcase their skills and network with other local talent.

All users who sign up to STORYHIVE and complete their creator profile get a listing in the directory and their own profile page on STORYHIVE. 

All listings are displayed on one page (continuous scrolling).

Use the following search and filter tools to explore the directory to your interest:

  • Smart Search: enter the creator’s first or last name to display relevant matches.
  • Random: the default sorting filter.
  • List A-Z: displays creators in alphabetical order (by last name).
  • Filter Skills: enables users to filter results based on the creator’s skills.

When you hover the cursor over a creator’s profile image, STORYHIVE displays: 

  • Creator’s name and location.
  • Skills: the senior and intermediate skills they can bring to project teams and productions.
  • View full profile: an icon that links to view more information on their full profile page.
  • Contact: an icon visible to other registered STORYHIVE creators who have permission to view contact details.

There are several benefits to being on the STORYHIVE Creator Directory. An account on the Creator Directory allows you to:

  • Apply for production grants and distribution on TELUS Optik™ TV On Demand as Project Lead. Creators retain ownership of their finished work.
  • Connect with other creators to collaborate on projects.
  • Network and showcase your talent in the STORYHIVE Creator Directory.
  • Join events and workshops for STORYHIVE creators.