What is the STORYHIVE 2022 Indigenous Storytellers Edition?

As part of our ongoing commitment to decolonization as an organization, Team STORYHIVE is excited to announce the new 2022 Indigenous Storyteller Edition. To build on the success of the first Indigenous Storyteller Edition, STORYHIVE solicited feedback from the creators and mentors who participated in the first edition and incorporated their recommendations into the design of this new edition. 

For the 2022 Indigenous Storyteller Edition, STORYHIVE will provide $20,000 grants along with training, mentorship and distribution on TELUS platforms to 30 emerging Indigenous creators in BC and Alberta. Additionally, the Indigenous Screen Office and Creative BC will be providing top-up funding to each selected project. The 2022 Indigenous Storyteller Edition will be guided by an Indigenous Advisory & Selection Committee comprised of experienced Indigenous filmmakers. Additionally, this committee will be supported by Indigenous TELUS team members, members of the community and external Indigenous moderators who will review all submissions. 

For the STORYHIVE 2022 Indigenous Storyteller Edition  (the “STORYHIVE Edition”), each Indigenous-led screen-based Project will consist of a locally reflective fiction or nonfiction Main Program (minimum 10 minutes) and a Supplementary Program (minimum 30 minutes). For more information on the two programs, please see:

What is the Main Program?

What is the Supplementary Program?

 This is a chance to tell a story you are passionate about and retain the intellectual property rights to your produced work.

No previous experience in film production or other creative endeavours is required for you to submit an application for funding.