How will successful projects be selected for the STORYHIVE 2022 Indigenous Storytellers Edition?

For the 2022 Indigenous Storyteller Edition, projects will be selected by a selection committee comprised of experienced Indigenous filmmakers and Indigenous TELUS team members. Additionally, this committee will be supported by members of the community and external Indigenous moderators who will review all submissions.

When making their selections, the selection committee considers a number of factors, including but not limited to the submitted application, the impact of the award on the creator and the importance of the story to the creator’s community of residence. For more information, please see the Eligibility Criteria in Sections 2.A to 2.L in the STORYHIVE 2022 Indigenous Storyteller Edition Submission Guidelines and Rules, as well as the following FAQ, What do I need to submit for my STORYHIVE 2022 Indigenous Storytellers Edition application?