What is the STORYHIVE 2022 All Access Documentary Edition?

We are embarking on the 2022 All Access Documentary Edition. Your Story, Your Narrative: STORYHIVE is funding 40 documentary projects with $20,000 grants. We want to help bring your story to life. We are looking for compelling local stories including stories about community builders, health and wellness leaders, innovative local technology, the environment and more. Pitch any documentary idea from your community that you are passionate about.

For the STORYHIVE 2022 All Access Documentary Edition (the “STORYHIVE Edition”), each Project will consist of a locally reflective documentary Main Program (minimum 15 minutes) and a Supplementary Program (minimum 30 minutes). In addition to the funding, successful creators will receive customized career training, filmmaking mentorship and distribution of their projects on select TELUS Platforms. This is a chance to make some content that matters to you and retain the intellectual property rights to your produced work.

No previous experience in film production or other creative endeavours is required for you to submit an application for funding.

For projects involving Indigenous communities, cultures, concepts and stories, we encourage applicants to consult On-Screen Protocols & Pathways before submitting their project: https://iso-bea.ca/download/on-screen-protocols-pathways

COVID-19 precautions

Community health and safety is our priority, and we ask you to take the necessary and responsible precautions to protect public health and the health and safety of everyone working on your STORYHIVE project. Please keep up to date with and follow all provincial and public health guidelines and recommendations. Please familiarize yourself with the following reputable sources, such as the Public Health Agency of Canada, your provincial medical officer or the World Health Organization, and please urge everyone on your team to do the same.

Resources for BC-based creators:
Creative BC’s Safety Guideline and Pandemic Production Guide

Resources for Alberta-based creators:
Government of Alberta’s Guidance for the Screen-based Production Industry