What are the artwork specs for my delivery?

Note: when exporting artwork, use “save for web” setting so the file sizes stay below 650 kb

1. Box Art Large (JPG, JPEG, PNG 480 x 688 | 650kb max  |  72-300 DPI

2. Box Art Small (JPG, JPEG, PNG 400 x 600 | 650kb max |  72-300 DPI)

For STORYHIVE projects only: please use the Box Art Photoshop template in your project dashboard (see “Final Deliverables and Box Art + Thumbnail”  in the Documents tab on the STORYHIVE dashboard, instructions can be found on the template). Select either the black or white logo—whichever is more legible.

3. Key Art no text or logos, (JPG, JPEG, PNG 1600 x 900 | 650kb max |  72-300 DPI)
Cannot be the same image as the box art.

4. Thumbnails (JPG, JPEG, PNG | 1280 x 720 | 650kb max |  72-300 DPI
Submit one image per episode, image must include Program name and episode number and/or episode title. Thumbnails are not required for Community Showcase projects.