What is a Project Lead?

The Project Lead (applicant) is the person who signs the TELUS Grant Agreement and receives the grant money. Once a project has been submitted, the Project Lead cannot change.

The Project Lead must be a current resident of BC or Alberta.

If you're a resident of an Indigenous community that is close to one of the eligible communities, please email us at storyhive@telus.com to verify your eligibility.

The Project Lead can be a first-time producer/filmmaker. Previous production or filmmaking experience is not required to be eligible.  

Legally, the Project Lead is the grant applicant who is required to meet eligibility criteria and manage the application requirements during the submission period.

If awarded a grant, the Project Lead must submit documentation requirements, manage production expectations and deliver the finished video to TELUS Optik™ TV On Demand by the deadline.

The Grant is awarded to the Project Lead and is non-transferable. If the Project Lead wishes to execute the TELUS Grant Agreement under a company name, the Project Lead must own and control at least 51% of the company and the company must have a current address in the Project Lead’s community of residence.

The Project Lead retains all the rights, including copyright and releases to the completed project. 

Project Leads cannot:

  • Have received a broadcast licence from a Canadian broadcaster in the last five years.
  • Be considered a media professional who already has access to the mainstream broadcast system or who is known to the public.
  • Be an individual associated with TELUS, including but not limited to the following: the employees, contractors, agents and representatives of TELUS, Optik TV, TELUS Satellite TV or another broadcast distribution undertaking (a BDU) such as Shaw Cable, Shaw Direct or any other Canadian cable or IPTV service provider, or any external partners of TELUS who enter into an agreement with TELUS to assist in any way with this STORYHIVE Edition.