What is the STORYHIVE 2019 Web Series Edition?

If you have a compelling, locally reflective story to tell, STORYHIVE can help you bring it to life! The STORYHIVE 2019 Web Series Edition supports storytellers to create, pitch, and produce an innovative comedy, drama, or documentary Web Series that reflects their local communities.

STORYHIVE supports the work of emerging filmmakers, producers, writers, editors, photographers, digital creatives and community members—no previous experience in film production or other creative endeavours is required for you to submit an application for funding. This year, STORYHIVE will fund 40 successful projects by providing them with production grants, mentorship and training and distribution on TELUS Platforms.

STORYHIVE funds projects that amplify the experiences and stories of their creators’ local communities. The funded productions will be produced in the creators’ current community of residence and feature members of the community on screen.

For 2019, we invite creators to consider the following themes when developing their applications:

  • Connectivity: Bridging digital divides to provide access to the Internet and supporting a culture of online safety.
  • Digital Economy: Transforming the future of work and growing the digital economy.
  • Health: Improving health outcomes through sports, active lifestyles, technology, and more.
  • Environment: Stewarding the natural environment for future generations.
  • Community: Celebrating connections and relationships of belonging and inclusion