What is the STORYHIVE 2020 Podcast Edition?

STORYHIVE’s 2020 Podcast Edition is providing ten (10) projects in British Columbia and Alberta with grants of $10,000 each to produce locally reflective nonfiction podcasts  accompanied by a video component. We’re seeking stories that capture the voice, personality and experiences of communities across Western Canada. Projects may be featured on TELUS platforms including TELUS Optik TV On Demand and STORYHIVE’s YouTube channel.

Examples of eligible nonfiction podcasts:

  • Solo host with a guest: Project Lead interviews a special guest each episode.
  • Co-host(s): Project Lead and at least one other co-host discuss topics.
  • Episodic documentary podcast: each episode in the season dives into a new theme, case or idea.
  • Serial documentary podcast: a full season of episodes dedicated to one concept or story.

For the STORYHIVE 2020 Podcast Edition (the “STORYHIVE Edition”), each project will consist of a locally reflective podcast (minimum 3 episodes, each episode 15+ minutes in duration, with a minimum combined running time of 45 minutes). In addition to the funding, successful creators will receive customized career training, filmmaking mentorship and distribution of their projects on select TELUS Platforms. 

No previous experience in film production, podcast production or other creative endeavours is required for you to submit an application for funding. 

COVID-19 precautions 

Community health and safety is our priority, and as such, we encourage you to take the necessary and responsible precautions to protect public health. Please familiarize yourself with the following reputable sources, such as the Public Health Agency of Canada, your provincial medical officer or the World Health Organization and please urge everyone in your community to do the same.

Production team policy

Due to the current pandemic all projects are required to limit on-site or in-studio production crews to a maximum of three (3) people. (Note: This does not apply to team members who are working remotely, such as an editor or sound mixer).

Resources for BC-based creators:


Resources for Alberta-based creators: