Who can be a Project Lead?

Project Leads must meet the following criteria:

  • Complete their STORYHIVE Creator profile.
  • Be at least the age of majority in their province of residence at the time of registration.
  • Live in British Columbia or Alberta in one of the communities eligible for STORYHIVE funding. For more information on eligibility, see the Edition-specific Submission Rules. Project Leads will be required to demonstrate proof of residency before receiving funds from STORYHIVE.
  • Be a citizen or permanent resident of Canada.
  • NO BDU CONFLICT: Project Leads cannot be employed by TELUS or any other Broadcast Distribution Undertaking (a "BDU" such as TELUS Optik TV, TELUS Satellite TV, Shaw Cable, Shaw Direct, or any other Canadian cable or IPTV (i.e. internet-protocol television) service provider, or any external partners of TELUS who enter into an agreement with TELUS to assist in any way with this competition.
  • STORYHIVE is funded under the CRTC’s Community Programming guidelines. These guidelines restrict STORYHIVE from providing funding to certain media professionals who are already working within the traditional Canadian broadcast system. In order to confirm eligibility, Project Leads must not have received a broadcast license from a Canadian broadcaster in the last five years.