Am I able to screen my project at festivals or online before my final delivery to TELUS or before my project’s official launch date on TELUS platforms?

Projects Leads retain the copyright to their projects and are encouraged to submit to festivals and participate in community screenings. The STORYHIVE Approval Cut of your project must be reviewed and approved by your STORYHIVE Project Manager prior to any screenings, festival submissions or distribution.

Festival entries are entirely optional. It’s up to you as the Project Lead to determine your festival strategy. As no additional funding is available for festival entries, this should be built into your project budget if you plan to apply for festivals.

If you wish to launch your project on your own channels or pursue alternate distribution options prior to the official launch date, please contact your STORYHIVE Project Manager.

Please note that distribution agreements must not conflict with your obligations to STORYHIVE outlined in your Grant Agreement (see section 7 of your STORYHIVE Grant Agreement).