What do I need to submit for my STORYHIVE 2022 All Access Documentary Edition application?

To submit an application, you must register as a creator on STORYHIVE.com.

From there, applicants create an online submission that includes:

Project Page Information:  

The following submission materials will appear to the public on your project page on the STORYHIVE Website (once a project has been funded):

  • Project Title (text field)
  • Genre (radio button)
  • Logline (text field, maximum 120 characters)
  • Synopsis (text field, maximum 800 characters)
  • Projected Runtime (enter minutes for Main Program only; minimum 15 minutes, recommended maximum 60 minutes)
  • Inclusion Statement (text field, maximum 500 characters) 
  • Image Card (image upload JPEG, PNG; 1920 x 1080 pixels; maximum 5MB)
  • Box Art (image upload JPEG, PNG; 840 x 1200 pixels; maximum 5 MB)
  • Pitch Video (share a public YouTube link to a max 60 second pitch video)

Additional Project Details:

The following submission materials will be reviewed by the Selection Committee and STORYHIVE team. They will not be available to the public.

  • Phone Number
  • Address
  • Optional (Social Media)
    • Facebook, LinkedIn, IMDb, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok
  • Where did you hear about this Edition? (dropdown menu)
  • Community relevancy (text field, maximum 1000 characters)
  • Why you? (text field, maximum 1000 characters)
  • How are you going to tell your story? (text field, maximum 1000 characters)
  • Draft treatment (PDF upload; maximum 5MB)
  • Locations (select yes or no with text fields)
  • Potential Locations (text field, maximum 500 characters)
  • Supplementary Program Synopsis (text field, maximum 800 characters)
  • Project Lead Experience (dropdown)
  • Production Experience (text field, maximum 500 characters)
  • Accessibility Accommodations (text field, maximum 500 characters)
  • Key Role Requirement (check box)
  • Eligibility Requirement (check box)
  • Budget (template with text fields)
  • TELUS STORYHIVE Submission Release Agreement (check boxes)
    • Please confirm that all your submission materials are correct and agree to the STORYHIVE Submission Release Agreement.

For full details, see the "How to participate" section in the STORYHIVE 2022 All Access Documentary Edition Submission Guidelines and Rules.

For advice on how to complete each section of the application, please refer to our “How do I create a strong STORYHIVE application?” guide.