What is the Supplementary Program?

For the STORYHIVE 2022 All Access Documentary Edition, in addition to your Main Program, you must create and deliver a Supplementary Program.

The Supplementary Program must be a locally reflective nonfiction program that has a minimum runtime of thirty (30) minutes and it must adhere to a G or PG rating.

The Supplementary Program is intended to support your Main Program and be another way to engage with your audience. For example, you could post clips from your Supplementary Program on social media throughout production of your Main program.

Your Supplementary Program should be something that is simple, quick and economical to shoot as the majority of your budget and production time is for your Main Program.

Some potential ideas for your Supplementary Program include:

  1. Film interviews/conversations with the Project Lead, Key Creatives, Crew, Cast or Documentary Subjects; could be a single long interview or a compilation of shorter interviews
  2. Film a video diary as you prep for your Main Program.
  3. Propose an alternate supplementary program which must be approved by TELUS STORYHIVE before production begins.