What does the training and mentorship look like?

Project Leads will attend 3 online creator workshops:

  1. Navigating STORYHIVE
  2. The Business of Screen Media
  3. Meet your Mentor

STORYHIVE has partnered with the National Screen Institute (NSI) to provide production mentorship. 

The NSI will match Project Leads with a mentor who is an experienced filmmaker to help guide and support them and their project throughout the production of their Main Program.

The mentor will, to the best of the mentor’s abilities, work with the production team to provide production mentorship and guidance on your Main Program.

Reporting to the NSI Program Manager, and working in conjunction with the NSI team, the Program Mentor will be responsible for the following: 

  • Be available to the production team via email/phone/Zoom throughout the term of the agreement to discuss the individual needs of the projects (approximately one hour bi-weekly) and offer advice and assistance as required.
  • Review, provide feedback and advise the production team through each stage of the Main Program production process, including, but not limited to:
    • Treatment/Script
    • Production Schedule and production budget
    • Post-production: Rough Cut / Fine Cut #1 / Fine Cut #2
    • Marketing and distribution plans
  • Provide the NSI with written acknowledgement, via email, of review and feedback of the Main Program Rough Cut and Fine Cut # 1 and #2 within the timeframes indicated by STORYHIVE.
  • View the completed Main Program  prior to STORYHIVE Approval Cut delivery.
  • The Mentor shall use best efforts to enrich the production team's experience and connect the production team with resources and resource people within the industry in areas where the production team's expertise may be lacking.
  • The NSI may be in contact with the Program Mentor from time to time to discuss the development of the production team and the program.
  • Adhere to STORYHIVE’s Code of Conduct.

In addition, your STORYHIVE program manager will guide and support you throughout your STORYHIVE journey.