What are my responsibilities as the Project Lead?

As the Project Lead, you are the Producer of the program and are responsible for all aspects of the Project with support from your STORYHIVE Project Manager and your mentor.

You will be responsible for:

  • Signing the grant agreement.
  • Receiving all payments (you may hire a production accountant to help manage your budget).
  • All agreements with your cast and crew.
  • Having a self-identified female and/or non-binary individual in at least one of the following key creative roles: Producer, Director, Writer, Director of Photography, Editor, Sound Designer, Composer, Production Designer.
  • Ensuring that no less than 80% of the filming and production of the program will take place in your community of residence.
  • Securing appearance and location releases as well as all copyright clearances for music, images and footage used in the film.
  • Submitting all of your deliverables: 
    • Supplementary Program  - 30 mins minimum. Final Delivery (including artwork and reports) 
    • Main Program - 15 mins minimum.  Rough Cut, Fine Cuts, STORYHIVE Approval Cut and Final Delivery (including artwork and reports)
  • Communicating with your Mentor and the National Screen Institute program manager as well as your STORYHIVE Program Manager.
  • Ensuring you and your team adhere to STORYHIVE’s Code of Conduct.

Please note that the Project Lead, as the copyright owner of the Project and the person signing the grant agreement, is the Producer of the Project but may also take on additional key creative roles if they wish to.