Who is eligible for the STORYHIVE 2022 All Access Documentary Edition?

The Project Lead must be a citizen or permanent resident of Canada residing in BC or Alberta.

The Project Lead’s community of residence must be one of STORYHIVE’s eligible communities and the Project Lead must be able to supply current proof of residency for the address listed on their submission. Other team members beside the Project Lead are not required to be a resident of an eligible community.  Please see the list of eligible communities.

Note: If you are a resident of an Indigenous community close to one of the listed eligible communities, please reach out to us at storyhive@telus.com to verify your eligibility.

The Project Lead must be the age of majority, or older, in their province of residence (British Columbia or Alberta) as of the STORYHIVE Edition intake deadline date, May 30, 2022.

Previous experience is not required to be eligible. The Project Lead can be a first time producer/filmmaker.

For more details, please see the eligibility section in the 2022 All Access Documentary Edition Submission Guidelines and Rules.