How do I fill in the budget for Podcast Edition?

A budget template is provided on the STORYHIVE website. Please enter an estimated cost for each line item that is applicable to your project (remaining fields may be left blank).

Your total budget should add up to the total grant amount. For example, for Podcast Edition the production grant for the Edition is $10,000. Accordingly, your budget total should also be $10,000.

The amount allocated for section A - Above the Line (including: story rights/acquisitions; writer; development costs; producer and director) should not be more than 20% of your total budget (e.g. for Podcast Edition, the grant amount is $10,000, and so your above the line total would need to be a maximum of $2,000)

A budget for unforeseen production costs (“contingency”) should be included. A contingency amount equal to 5-10% of your budget is recommended. Note: your contingency amount cannot be more than 10% of your total budget. 

At least 75% of the budget must be spent in the Project Lead’s community of residence. The maximum amount for travel expenses cannot be more than 10% of your total budget.