What kinds of projects are eligible for the STORYHIVE 2020 Local Heroes Documentary Edition?

STORYHIVE is accepting applications for funding for documentary projects in any language.  Languages other than English must be subtitled or versioned into English.

STORYHIVE considers a documentary to be an original work of nonfiction, primarily designed to inform but that may also educate and entertain. Additionally, all projects must represent fair and balanced views on a topic.

Projects must be locally reflective, focusing on people, topics or events that are relevant and connected to the Project Lead's community of residence. (Note: The Project Lead’s community of residence must be one of the communities eligible for STORYHIVE funding. Please refer to the list of communities that are eligible for STORYHIVE grants before applying.)

The completed documentary must be a minimum of 20 minutes in length including any and all screen credits. A maximum length of no more than 60 minutes is recommended.

(For more guidance, please see “What kinds of stories is STORYHIVE looking to fund in the 2020 Local Heroes Documentary Edition?”)

In addition to the documentary program, a behind the scenes program with a minimum runtime of ten minutes must be completed.

For more guidance, please see “What is the behind the scenes program?”

For full eligibility requirements, please see our eligibility section of the STORYHIVE 2020 Local Heroes Documentary Edition Submission Guidelines and Rules.