What kinds of stories is STORYHIVE looking to fund in the 2020 Local Heroes Documentary Edition?

The 2020 Local Heroes Documentary Edition is focused on locally reflective stories about  the everyday but truly essential heroes in our communities.  Whether highlighting individuals or organizations, health workers, essential workers, scientists, artists, business owners or other community members, we’re seeking stories about the remarkable people making positive impacts in our local communities. We’re looking for stories about how to cultivate moral courage, how our neighbourhoods adapt and change, how to strengthen connections in the face of distance and difficulty—and the extraordinary local heroes who help us through unprecedented challenges. 

STORYHIVE will consider any complete applications that meet all the eligibility requirements for funding. All standard rules regarding acceptable content and exclusions apply. 

Most successful applicants spend time reading the fine print in the Submission Guidelines and Rules before submitting their pitch. We created them as a guide for creating an awesome application, so check them out!