What kinds of projects are eligible for 2021 Community Stories?

To be eligible to apply for 2021 Community Stories, the project must fall into the documentary category.

TELUS STORYHIVE considers a documentary to be an original work of non fiction primarily designed to inform, but that may also educate and entertain. It must represent fair and balanced views on a topic.

In addition, the documentary project must be “locally reflective,” which means the project elements must meet the following criteria:

  • The participant currently resides in the community, town or city from which they applied (STORYHIVE refers to it as the participant’s community of residence).
  • At least 75% of the project filming and production will take place in the participant’s community of residence.
  • The project is about people, topics or events that are relevant and connected to the participant's community of residence. 


Note: 2021 Community Stories is a training program and the participant’s community of residence must be any of the eligible communities in BC and Alberta.  The participant must be able to supply current proof of residency for the address listed on their application;

Documentary projects in any language are eligible. Languages other than English must be subtitled or versioned into English.

The completed documentary must be a minimum of 8 minutes in length. A maximum running time of no more than 15 minutes is recommended.

For full eligibility requirements, please see our eligibility section in our 2021 Community Stories  Submission rules.