What are the project requirements for diversity and inclusion?

We are a community committed to facilitating spaces without racism, sexism, homophobia and other forms of oppression, so that every person who engages with STORYHIVE is inspired to share of themselves and their stories. 

As part of our commitment to gender parity in the screen-based production industry, Project Leads must ensure that at least one key creative role on their project is filled by a woman and/or non-binary person. We do not require the individual’s name at the time of application nor that they be a part of the STORYHIVE Creator Directory. 

Key creative roles are: Producer, Director, Writer, Director of Photography, Production Designer, Head Animator (for Animation projects only), Storyboard Artist (for Animation projects only), Editor, Composer, Musical Artist (Music Video projects only).  

Project Leads must provide a brief inclusion statement when applying to a STORYHIVE Edition. A strong inclusion statement shows that you and your team have made conscious choices in how you approach your project, including (but not limited to) your team, subject matter, writing, casting, hiring and shooting. STORYHIVE encourages applicants to be active agents in nurturing diversity, equity and inclusion in their communities.