I have some swearing/nudity/violence/drug use/drinking/smoking/other questionable content in my project. Is that a problem?

Please refer to the submission guidelines and rules, and policies and ratings guidelines on the website and within your Grant Agreement. Content must comply with all laws, regulations and policies governing content, taste, community reflection and diversity of voices, including the Broadcasting Act, CRTC Best Practice Code and other relevant Canadian codes pertaining to the nature of acceptable content (please consult the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council website for further information). 

Specifically, projects containing violence, profanity, nudity, sexual situations, drug and alcohol use and other mature content will be held to these standards and may be required to remove or change material prior to airing. Please note community access programming must adhere to a G or PG rating. For the delivered program, the audio on any coarse language must be dropped. For examples and guidelines on these ratings, please visit: https://www.consumerprotectionbc.ca/motion-picture-ratings/what-ratings-mean/.