What kinds of stories is STORYHIVE looking to fund in the 2019 Web Series Edition?

STORYHIVE welcomes comedy, drama, and documentary pitches that amplify the stories and experiences of the local communities of the creator’s community of residence.

We encourage creators to consider the following themes when developing their 2019 Web Series Edition applications:

  • Connectivity: Bridging digital divides to provide access to the Internet and supporting a culture of online safety 
  • Digital Economy: Transforming the future of work and growing the digital economy
  • Health: Improving health outcomes through sports, active lifestyles, technology, and more
  • Environment: Stewarding the natural environment for future generations 
  • Community: Celebrating connections and relationships of belonging and inclusion

The STORYHIVE jury will look for projects that incorporate one or more of these themes. However, STORYHIVE believes that locally relevant stories can be told many ways; we will consider any complete applications and/or creators that meet all the eligibility requirements for funding.

Some examples of STORYHIVE-funded projects that speak to the above themes include:

STORYHIVE also prioritizes funding for stories that have a strong connection to the Project Lead’s local community.

To be eligible for funding, a project must be locally reflective of the community in which the Project Lead (applicant) resides. This means the story must reflect the culture, environment, people, events or history of that city, town, or region.

As well, all the standard rules regarding “acceptable content” and exclusions apply. We highly recommend all applicants read the Submission Rules for this Edition before submitting their applications.