What is the Bonus Program?

For the STORYHIVE 2023 Anniversary Documentary Edition, in addition to your Main Program, you must create and deliver a Bonus Program. 

The Bonus Program must be a locally reflective nonfiction program that is 30-60 minutes in length, and it must adhere to a G or PG rating.

The first part of your STORYHIVE journey will focus on enhancing your documentary filmmaking skills and doing research and development for your Main Program. You will be creating 30 to 60 minutes of bonus content that will give you the opportunity to pre-interview potential subjects, hone your interview skills, and perfect your camera, lighting, and sound set-ups. The Bonus Program is also another way to engage your audience with your project and support your Main Program.

But don't worry, this Bonus Program doesn't have to break the bank. Keep it simple and economical, as the majority of your budget and production time should be dedicated to your Main Program. The bonus content can be raw unedited interviews. It is designed to support research and development purposes, but you may also end up with some great footage that you will want to use in your Main Program. You will also have the option of having your Bonus Program appear alongside your Main Program when we launch this edition on TELUS Optik TV,  allowing viewers to learn more about the topic of your documentary. 

NOTE: The Bonus Program must be interview-based and related to your Main Program, and can be a single long interview or a compilation of shorter interviews including but not limited to the Project Lead, Key Creatives, other Crew, your Documentary Subjects, or other people and/or experts in your community. Think about which interview subjects will help you create a better final production.