What kinds of stories is STORYHIVE looking to fund in the 2021 Game Changers Documentary Edition?

The 2021 Game Changers Documentary Edition is focused on locally reflective documentaries about community members who are finding new and innovative ways to make their communities more connected, sustainable, healthier and equitable. We’re looking for groundbreaking authentic stories that will bring people closer together, showcase human ingenuity, resilience and grit, and showcase those that are making a positive impact in their local community.

Game changers are visionary, innovative, daring and original. From students arranging a petition to save a local landmark, to an organization developing technology to improve accessibility for people with disabilities, here are some examples of the types of stories we are looking for: 

  • People and organizations that are creating meaningful change (local and grassroots initiatives, shaking up an industry, transforming a community) 
  • Technology that is changing people’s lives (creating a safer food supply, connecting communities through technology, innovative programs powered by technology) 
  • Work that is protecting and sustaining the environment (sustainable solutions and initiatives, caring for our planet, education on sustainable practices) 
  • Healthcare that is transforming communities (supporting healthcare providers, enabling a higher quality of care, improving accessibility)

STORYHIVE will consider any complete applications that meet all the eligibility requirements for funding. All standard rules regarding acceptable content and exclusions apply.

Most successful applicants spend time reading the fine print in the Submission Guidelines and Rules before submitting their pitch. We also recommend you check out How do I create a strong STORYHIVE application?