What is STORYHIVE 2021 Voices?

STORYHIVE is launching the Inaugural STORYHIVE 2021 Voices program to fund emerging content creators who want to grow their skills, impact and audience through training and a community of support. We're looking for content creators across BC and Alberta who have an idea for a screen-based project with 6 episodes or more (minimum of 150 minutes combined runtime). Beginners welcome.

  • $10,000 grant amount
  • Up to 100 grants to be awarded
  • Simplified application
  • Open to all kinds of nonfiction content (see eligible types of content)
  • Minimum of 150 minutes to be delivered in 6 - 10 episodes 
  • Only a final delivery is required (no rough cuts or fine cuts need to be delivered)
  • There is a required training component to this program, we will also be providing awarded projects with workshops - plus the STORYHIVE Project Managers are here to help you throughout your STORYHIVE journey.  


Sept 28 - Oct 26, 2021

STORYHIVE Voices opens for Submissions 

(Intake closes at 5:00pm PDT/6:00pm MDT on October 26)

Week of Jan 11, 2022 Grant Recipients Announced
Jan 14, 2022 Creator Workshop #1 (for all Project Leads)
Week of Jan 17, 2022 Production begins
Apr 2, 2022 Creator Workshop #2 (for all Project Leads)
Apr 19, 2022 Delivery of Episodes 1-2
May 3, 2022 Delivery of Episodes 3-4
May 24, 2022 Delivery of Episodes 5-6
Jun 14 - Jun 28, 2022 Delivery of Episodes 7-10 (for Project Leads submitting more than 6 episodes)
August 2022 Official Program Launch on TELUS Optik TV

*Production cannot begin prior to Creator Workshop #1.

With STORYHIVE 2021 Voices, STORYHIVE is providing a maximum of one hundred (100)  Projects with grants of $10,000 each to produce locally reflective nonfiction video content. In addition to the funding, successful creators will receive distribution of their Projects on select TELUS Platforms.

For STORYHIVE 2021 Voices  (the “STORYHIVE Program”), each Project must consist of  a minimum of 150 minutes in a minimum of 6 episodes and a maximum of 10 episodes.

Examples of eligible content:

  • A single video documentary
  • A documentary web series
  • A series of "how to" videos
  • A series of fitness videos
  • An interview style show 
  • A review show
  • A podcast (with simple visual elements
  • Another type of format you would like to explore

Every program must be locally reflective and the Project Lead must be a resident of that community.  In addition to the funding, successful creators will have access to recorded workshops and distribution of their projects on select TELUS Platforms.

For projects involving Indigenous communities, cultures, concepts and stories, we encourage applicants to consult On-Screen Protocols & Pathways before submitting their project: https://iso-bea.ca/download/on-screen-protocols-pathways/ 

COVID-19 precautions 

Community health and safety is our priority, and as such, we encourage you to take the necessary and responsible precautions to protect public health. Please familiarize yourself with the following reputable sources, such as the Public Health Agency of Canada, your provincial medical officer or the World Health Organization and please urge everyone in your community to do the same.

Production team policy

Due to the current pandemic all projects are required to limit their in-person production crews to a maximum of three (3) people. (Note: This does not apply to team members who are working remotely, such as an editor or sound mixer).

Resources for BC-based creators:


Resources for Alberta-based creators: