How do teams work for the STORYHIVE 2021 Black Creators Edition?

All teams must have a Project Lead who will apply for the grant and own the content. The Project Lead will lead the production aspects of the project.

Note: Due to the current pandemic, all projects are required to limit their in-person production crews to a maximum of three people. However, this restriction does not apply to team members who are working remotely, such as an editor or sound mixer.

Project Leads do not need to have any team members attached to their project at the submission stage in order to apply for funding.

Project Leads will retain all the rights, including copyright and releases to the completed project.

Please note that once a project is submitted, the Project Lead cannot change. The grant is awarded to the Project Lead and is non-transferable. If the Project Lead wishes to execute the TELUS Grant Agreement under a company name, the Project Lead must own and control at least 51% of the company and the company must be located in the Project Lead’s community of residence.

Other team members are not required to reside in one of the eligible communities.