What do I need to submit for my STORYHIVE 2021 Open Call application?

To submit an application, you must register as a creator on STORYHIVE.com.

From there, applicants create an online submission that includes:

Project Information:  

  • Project Title (text field) 
  • Genre: Nonfiction
  • Logline (text field, maximum 120 characters)
    • Capture your idea in 120 characters or less. 
  • Synopsis (text field, maximum 800 characters)
    • Give a brief summary of your idea.  
  • Projected Runtime (enter minutes; minimum 60, recommended maximum 180)
  • Example of your work (OPTIONAL) share an unlisted or public YouTube link
    • Share an example of your work. If you have already produced some video content and would like to share it with the selection committee, please provide a YouTube link (unlisted or public). NOTE - This is not required. First time content creators are eligible for this grant.

Additional Project Details 

    • Where did you hear about STORYHIVE 2021 Open Call? (dropdown menu)
  • Community relevancy (text field, maximum 1000 characters)
    • Tell us why is this project important or relevant to your community of residence? Does the project give us insight into the people, history, culture or events of the community in which you reside? Are local community members involved or showcased in the project?
  • Why you? (text field, maximum 1000 characters)
    • Tell us why you want to make this project? Why is this project important to you? Why are you the best person to produce this project? What is your connection to the community involved? For example, if your project will address topics that are culturally specific, what is your connection to the culture being represented?
  • For projects involving Indigenous communities, cultures, concepts and stories, we encourage applicants to consult On-Screen Protocols & Pathways before answering this question.
  • How are you going to tell your story? (text field, maximum 1000 characters)
    • Briefly describe your program format and structure. For example, are you creating a single video documentary, a documentary web series, a series of "how to" videos, fitness videos, an interview style show, a review show, a podcast (with simple visual elements), or another type of format?
  • For projects or topics covering issues with multiple perspectives, the project must represent all sides fairly. Please describe how all stakeholders on an issue will be fairly represented and how the views presented in your project will be balanced.
    • Locations (select yes or no with text fields) 
      • A minimum of 80% of your project must be produced within your community of residence. Please give details on any potential on-location audio recordings or filming locations that are OUTSIDE your community of residence, along with the percentage of your project that would be recorded or filmed there.
    • Production Experience (text field, maximum 500 characters)
      • What is your experience level as a content producer? Have you created video content before? Please note that previous experience is not required to be eligible. We welcome Project Leads who are first time content creators.
    • Eligibility Requirement (check box) 
      • As described in the Submission Guidelines and Rules, to be eligible for funding the Project Lead must not be already working within the traditional Canadian broadcast system and must not have received a broadcast license from a Canadian broadcaster in the last five years. See more 
  • Budget (template with text fields)
      • To apply for a grant, you must complete the budget within the application. Please provide an amount for the line items applicable to your project (the remaining fields may be left blank).  Your budget will not be made public. The budget total must equal the grant amount for this edition. For more information see our FAQs 
  • TELUS STORYHIVE Submission Release Agreement (check boxes)
    • Please read the release agreement on the application and accept the terms before submitting your application. 

Please confirm that all your submission materials are correct and agree to the STORYHIVE Submission Release Agreement.

For full details, see the "How to participate" section in the STORYHIVE 2021 Open Call Submission Guidelines & Rules.