What rights do I need for the project?

The Project Lead (or production company) must have all the rights to produce, own and exploit the project. So, the Project Lead is required to obtain all releases and clearances as stated in the Grant Agreement. 

These releases and clearances should be between the Project Lead (or production company) and the subject(s), not between TELUS and the subjects. Please consult with your legal advisors for more information.

What are the obligations around contracts, legal council, insurance and unions?

  • Grant agreement: The entire agreement must be uploaded after completion and signature. It is not acceptable to only upload the pages that required information input and signature.
  • Contract template production: TELUS is not able to provide any contract or standard production templates.
  • Union actors and UBCP: TELUS is unable to offer any advice pertaining to potential agreements with industry unions.
  • E&O Insurance: TELUS does not require E&O insurance, though we do require that your project have all rights and releases cleared for 10 years, which is the length of TELUS’ non-exclusive license.